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I would like to live in a world where education is free. This is my small contribution. There are probably errors, and don’t try to commercialize these somehow, but otherwise feel free to use my notes.

Some of my cheatsheets contain other people’s work, e.g. 210 book and 213 slides. For that reason, they’re not generally available. To the best of my knowledge, all the notes here are my own unless indicated otherwise. They’re absolutely derived from the course source material though.

And yes, my handwriting is pretty bad. It is how it is.

  • 15-150, functional programming: collaborative Final as student, SML guide as TA
    • Final cheatsheet prepared with my 251 group
    • Fun fact: when I was a TA, someone I didn’t know handed in our cheatsheet. Apparently it got passed down for at least two semesters.
  • 15-410, operating systems: Midterm 1
  • 15-451, algorithms: Midterm 1, Midterm 2
    • Cheatsheets prepared with PK, MS, LT, YZ, FF
  • 15-455, undergrad complexity theory: Midterm 1, Midterm 2
  • 15-857, performance modeling: Midterm
  • 15-859, algorithms for big data: Sketching Theorem, Information Theory
  • 21-242, matrix theory: Notes
  • 70-364, business law: Notes