Collectively, I’ve probably answered over a thousand Piazza posts. Most of them are homework-specific or RTFM, but some are possibly useful enough to exist on their own. Edited and cleaned up to hopefully make sense.

Random thoughts:

  • I’ve felt that anthropomorphizing concepts is sometimes a little too patronizing. But apparently, the Recursion Fairy is well and alive at Illinois, and I have seen some empirical success in doing this as well...
  • Teaching first-year intro courses is much easier than higher-level courses. You can predict everything they’ll ask in the former. I’m not so sure about the latter.. we’ll see. Hopefully I don’t suck at office hours. Yep, was a lot harder.
  • I feel I should have some 445 posts in here, but I'm not in the mood to trawl through the Piazza.. let's defer that to when TAing for PhD requirements.

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