Hi! I’m Wan. I believe that I’m the first (and only) Bruneian undergraduate at CMU.


I like systems programming. Or maybe it is more accurate to say, I dislike wasteful programming? Distributed systems are fun, databases are very nice. I’m generally interested in the tradeoffs that people make between speed, memory, formalism, and communication.

At some point in my life I was on the Python data science hype train, but I’m pretty done with that right now. I also went pretty deep into webdev from a cybersecurity perspective, which led to losing confidence in the average webapp and a couple of private disclosures. I’d like to get back into cybersecurity at some point. Probably not as a career though.


I used to play a lot of RPGs, MMORPGs, text-based games and MOBAs. I still play DOTA2 and League sometimes, though this is increasingly rare. I enjoy brainstorming teaching material, in particular I believe that everyone should have access to good learning resources. I spend the rest of my time sleeping, reading about food, or browsing cute subreddits.

Stuck Projects

  • [2015] Falls are the leading cause of injuries (fatal and otherwise) for older people. I’ve envisioned a cheap wearable everyday fall-arresting device, targeted towards the elderly and infirm. I haven’t been able to come up with a reasonable concept, though, and it’s definitely a hardware problem - not my forte. Dumb ideas have included weight shifting clothing, quick inflating swarm quadcopters, and airbag-esque pockets. You could also repurpose something like ReWalk, presumably, but that’s way too expensive.