Hi! I’m Wan. I believe that I’m the first (and only) Bruneian undergraduate at CMU.


I’m currently interested in systems. Distributed, databases, stuff like that. Used to be a Python 3 data science evangelist during the big data hype days, but I haven’t touched that in a while.


I used to play a lot of RPGs, MMORPGs, text-based games and MOBAs. I still play DOTA2 (any role) and League (sup) occasionally. Brainstorming teaching material is fun too. I spend the rest of my time reading askculinary or watching animal gifs.

Stuck Projects

  • [2015] Falls are the leading cause of injuries (fatal and otherwise) for older people. I’ve envisioned a cheap wearable everyday fall-arresting device, targeted towards the elderly and infirm. I haven’t been able to come up with a reasonable concept, though, and it’s definitely a hardware problem - not my forte. Dumb ideas have included weight shifting clothing, quick inflating swarm quadcopters, and airbag-esque pockets. You could also repurpose something like ReWalk, presumably, but that’s way too expensive.