I feel like I actually get less sleep here, hm. But voluntarily, no assignments being rushed.

Wake up 5am, chickens into breakfast into morning routine of meal prep etc, finish around 130ish, crash, wake up, evening routine until 7, then whatever energy permits. Currently, that’s a random assortment of 418, 701, UA, and DB.

Well, technically, that’s on-par or even more sleep, but I’m active for almost all of my waking hours as opposed to being permanently half-off.

Not very productive in the technical growth sense, but in the medium future, I think I would choose the same way. “wish I got one more point on cachelab back in college” disease - very unlikely. All in all, unsatisfyingly satisfying.

Smola is a really good teacher. Beautiful analogies. He’s at AWS. hm.

One day I’ll finish that set of slides for 150 and sketch out my notes for all the systems courses I’ve went through. probably never.. I suppose there’s a strong feeling of “nobody will use this”, partly because I have no desire to market it too.

I’ve been reading through Effective STL. “To be brutally frank, I think it would. Being equally frank, however, it doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is what the Standardization Committee thought”… I feel the spirit of Bob snickering somewhere.

Jumping on the C++ is a mess bandwagon. Compile times are insufferable and I spent yesterday fighting CMake. But hm.. it does generate speedy code.

Written on December 30, 2018