Well, those midterms shaved a few days off my life. Midsemester grades will be an exciting time.

Wasted a little time reading about the SFFA hubbub. Not expecting anything productive to come of it, from either side. Everyone everywhere tends to just push their own agenda.

Had a really good nap. I’m slightly annoyed myself because of how Wednesday went, but energy levels are slowly getting back to normal.

Potentially related - discovered (and entertained) a like of bagels and cream cheese.

A little surprised with myself. If River could talk.. I never played the sequel to that, hm.

Lots of stuff happening right now.

I’ve been thinking about the semantics of “happy sadness” and “sad happiness”. They’re not the same, right? Which is “happier”? Not really relevant to anything in particular, just a stray thought that’s overstaying its welcome.

Still have quite a bit of work to clear, but no midterms left!

Written on October 19, 2018