New month, new blog? Crash recovery.

Speaking of crashes, over the past week I almost crashed into:

  • signpost on Forbes
  • car parked along Gold
  • person around Hamburg
  • car due to large new pothole on Craig
  • moving car (first one that isn’t my fault, just pgh driver things)

and discovered that my bike is a reasonably good battering ram for my bike shed door. Managed to bike back completely up all the hills today though! Starting to recover from the mix of sleep/health issues.

Recently got asked if I knew what ARIES was, said no because I didn’t realize it was basically describing how you’d recover with a WAL. Well, didn’t matter.

My time management could use some work. For example, I could be doing homework instead of typing this post right now, hm.

I’m still vaguely surprised that I like complexity theory. Tell that to sophomore me and that’s a nope. PL theory on the other hand has been moved - sorry, kicked (for context, lots of proofs by kicking in there) - pretty low on the list of things that I’d like to do for the rest of my life. Not my cup of tea.

Slightly sad that I dropped security. I really need more time in the week though - reclaiming lecture and sit-around-on-Friday time. And everything about the field is bad for my blood pressure and general mentality anyway. That said, I might take it again senior fall.

Trying to decide what grades to shoot for this semester. The effort-to-grade ratio of one B versus two is pretty high. I could continue the tradition of dropping off the Dean’s list every Fall - barring extreme screwups my GPA is pretty fixed at 3.6. Could be better, could be worse. In any case, even if I 4.0 all the remaining semesters I’m not going above a 3.8, and I don’t think I care enough to compromise on classes for that measly improvement.

… do kind of wish I knew people in CDM though.

Thinking a lot more about life than I thought I would this semester.

Opinions slightly diminished for some people, not too fond of misquoting in general. Tends to lead to conflict and misunderstanding.

Generally pretty happy nowadays, modulo sleep and health problems. Procrastinating a little more than I should, but nothing too severe yet.

But mostly, I’ve been thinking about 緣分. Thoughts are fairly jumbled right now, and I lack the phrasing. Fabric, affinity, thread, hm. I remember thinking “fate without destiny” was very poetic, at some point - still is, kind of.

Well, I suppose I’m somewhat interested in playing my cards for now.

Written on September 30, 2018