There’s supposed to be a teaching method where you intentionally make mistakes in class. The hope is that people will point it out, or you live debug together.

Tried that for the first time today in lab. yeah… that requires much more experience than I currently have. That was terrible; I’d be mad if I was a student. I’m not doing that again.

Having to pick between CDM and 312 OH is suffering. Both of the best TAs are scheduled at the same time. blarg.

Though thinking about that, I realize I’ve never been in a recitation led by a TA who I really admire. Three so far at CMU. One has since graduated, CDM has no recitation, scheduling conflict for 312. Meh. Hype for types was probably as close as it got.

Mind is still going back to lab. My board utilization leaves a lot to be desired. Mor is still my gold standard for well-planned lessons, her pacing and board usage is impeccable.

Speaking of gold, the pacing of 330 is starting to get on my nerves. Thankfully we’ll start seeing some technical content next week.

A little tired of my first contact with most people being “Hi we’re in the same class can you help with X?”…

Written on September 5, 2018