I crossed the 1000 transaction mark today while bookkeeping and ran some stats.

Post-tax income chart

Some thoughts on the chart:

  • F16 DSA: was pretty relaxing, I don’t remember working much. Four to eight hours a week on average?
  • S17 DSA: probably earned most of it from my midnight to 8am shifts. Eight to twelve hours a week on average?
  • F17 122: I only claim hours that I actually work, so I probably made less than the average intro course TA. Didn’t notice it was that much less than DSAing, though. Also didn’t claim prep time or unofficial student contact hours.
  • F18 150: I started claiming prep time, was staying longer in office hours and had two labs. Hit 16-20 hours most weeks without trying very hard.
  • M18 SURF: capped at 3500 pre-tax, budgeted for 10 weeks though I was active for essentially the entire summer. Still a nice bonus considering that I wanted to work with him, SURF or no SURF.

A decent chunk of change for two years of part-time work. How does it compare with one year of CMU’s tuition?

xd chart


Written on August 18, 2018