Met with friends over the weekend. Unexpected play, a nice museum trip, but more importantly, haven’t seen them in a while. Good times.

At various points I was literally cornered and asked to get back into gaming. hmmmmmmm…

I think I’m getting better at articulating what I value. Pretty hard to turn down sincere requests.

A plus of talking to non-CMU people is that you can be really upfront with courseload. Yes, I can spare an hour or three daily. I wasn’t doing much with my time anyway. And, to be cheesy, I was reminded that gaming wasn’t always a waste of time to me. The book of the future, the medium that connects different cultures and languages - in some ways, this is true today.

So maybe I should, in fact, get back into gaming. We’ll see.

The entire weekend was very nostalgia inducing. The last time I saw a play, I was a fairly different person. And walking around a retro game store was a throwback to primary.

In the lion city, I feel that the arts are not dead so much as they are repressed. Or appreciated in a different way, perhaps. There isn’t the budget nor the land for the kind of museums and cultural exhibits that we saw this weekend, but there’s a certain appreciation for simpler things among the population at large, I think.

Still not very fond of the city that never sleeps.

You do meet a few pretty interesting strangers to talk to, though. History prof knew his stuff.

A little unsettled by sleep again.

Written on June 25, 2018