I think my linguistics quiz just got carried by some residual knowledge of Turkish and Arabic. Well, I’m not complaining. I need to start paying a little more attention to that class though.

Knowingly making suboptimal decisions because they’d keep the group happy or otherwise sound like more fun. I got used to this feeling from playing dota - davai! - and though I haven’t played that in a while, it still feels familiar.

Originally, TAing was just a step towards a 10-year plan of ending up in academia. I wanted to teach and get access to the material for as many classes as I could. It didn’t necessarily have to be a new course every semester, but by the end of undergrad I wanted to have an informed opinion on running at least four different courses.

Recently, I was asked if I’d be interested in TAing 440. If I were asked that question one semester ago, or perhaps even a month ago, I’d probably have immediately jumped ship. Interesting material, half the work, more teaching resources, another step towards the goal. Why not?

Now though, hm. I suppose I’ve let myself get too comfortable. But it is kind of nice, genuinely so, to be around friendly people who are both passionate and smarter than you. Sure, the smarter part is easy to come by - for me, anyway - but the former isn’t quite as easy to find. Looking forward is probably an overstatement, but it is close, and I can’t recall the last time I’ve looked forward to anything.

welp. Davai it is.

Written on April 7, 2018