Juggling and Balancing

Well, I didn’t break my vector high score, but PNC midterm didn’t go too well. I’m usually on the wrong end of being 1 stdev away.

A quick review of resolutions..

  • I have been getting more sleep, actually. I wake up naturally now.
  • I haven’t been cooking as much, though I do cook a little more.
  • Meetups are a no-go. Mon 150, Wed PNC.
  • On being useful.. I suppose OH counts, to some extent. Regrettably little development on this front.
  • Rust - slightly better progress than when I tried reading the shellcoder’s handbook in high school, but not by much.

It looks like I’ve made the most progress on the sleeping/health front..

So it is perhaps a little ironic that I’m considering discarding that now.

Incidentally, I tried coffee again. Still does spooky things to my heart rate, still drags all the anxiety right out, but it does work reasonably well for clearing the usual fog. Mixed thoughts..

Some time ago, I decided to prioritize health over grades. Drop the busywork, skate through easy required courses.

But I’m actually learning something in this class. I’m not willing to give it up.

I’m not willing to give up any of my other courses either. Well, ok, maybe 180 if it starts taking more than two hours a week.

I’m definitely not giving up TAing, nor cutting the hours I put into it.

And so by elimination… Well, optimizing for health was fun while it lasted.

I should start bringing my mug to Gates.

Anyways, off to SIGCSE!

Written on February 20, 2018